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(Chasing Voices – 2010)


‘In a year where occult imagery was regularly deployed to mask half-baked musical ideas, Chasing Voices’ ‘Acidbathory’ was that rare thing – a record that lived up to the air of mystery, ominousness and evil that it projected. A powerful but very elegant mingling of dubstep, techno, industrial and doom metal elements, this single-sided 12″ – housed in amazing screen-printed artwork – is apparently the work of an anonymous collective associated with Brooklyn’s Slow To Speak crew, but it sounds like it came unbidden from the bowels of the earth.’


‘Compelling artefact from an unknown operator experimenting with darkside structures and squashed percussive arrangements – sort of what you’d imagine obliterated dubstep produced by Mika Vainio would sound like. Strictly limited copies – all housed in a beautiful silver silk-screen sleeve – do not miss!* Clandestine avant-bass shocker from NYC courtesy of Chasing Voices. The ‘Acidbathory’ 12″ is a long 1-track, single sided affair expressing a gnarled, scuzzy and uncompromising perspective on the darkside potential of low-end music. It’s far removed from its cousins on the other side of the Atlantic, sharing their 139bpm DNA, but reared in a very different environment. Imagine Croydon estates and South London sprawl replaced by looming residential blocks, imposing skyscrapers and alleyways where the sunlight never reaches, soundtracked by mutant slow techno and Kevin Drumm records rather than 2-step garage and D’n’B. This aesthetic is exquisitely realised, from the unmarked matt-black centre stickers to the monochrome screen printed sleeve and the droning sludge step within, making this feel more like a Hospital Productions release than anything else. The closest analogs we could draw would be Scud & I-Sound’s Wasteland project, a more controlled Cloaks, or Mika Vainio’s more recent expeditions, but this is some mutant substance that refuses to stay put in any box’


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